Physical Security

Physical Security

Security is a vital component in a data center partnership, and FORTRUST’s security measures leave nothing to chance. Our security procedures and processes are implemented using cutting-edge technology by a highly skilled security staff who are available onsite 24/7/365.

FORTRUST has multiple layers of physical and logical security, including multiple security checkpoints. Our onsite staff monitors physical security, CCTV, visual identification checkpoints, and man traps for the entire facility.

“FORTRUST offers the added benefits of maximum security and an impressive uptime record — all at the right price. That made my choice an easy one.”

--Donald Walls, President of Walls and Associates

FORTRUST Physical Security at Front Desk
FORTRUST Physical Security To Get Into Building
FORTRUST Customer Entrance Security Guard

Physical Security Features

All visitors are required to check in. Access to the data center is tightly controlled and monitored using multiple layers and types of 2-factor authentication including biometric fingerprint scanning.

FORTRUST Physical Security

Cameras monitor and record all activity inside and outside the facility, and a third-party off-site security company monitors alarmed entrance and exit points for the facility.

All windows in the office spaces are treated with 14 mil bomb and bullet resistant safety film and equipped with glass breakage alarms. Also, there are no widows or glass in any colocation or critical data center support spaces.

Power for security at the data center is protected via UPS and our power redundancy systems. All alarms are tested weekly.


FORTRUST provides 24/7/365 onsite security staff


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