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Key to Operational Excellence

Three Separate Onsite Staffs

FORTRUST operations and support includes three separate 7x24x365 onsite staffs to ensure the highest level of customer support, monitoring and security. Our Network Operations Center (NOC), facilities and security personnel are full-time and employed by FORTRUST, not a third party vendor.

FORTRUST personnel are highly trained, and we maintain and follow an in-depth process and procedure library. FORTRUST uses a combination of multi-layered and progressive security measures to control personnel access with multiple points and types of 2-factor authentication including card readers and biometric scanners, dual mantraps, security identification points, CCTV, and 24-hour onsite security specialists combined with offsite security monitoring.

At FORTRUST, we believe that our staff is a key component of our operational excellence. The biggest risk in a data center is human error. Eliminating human error out of the equation by following process and procedure and having the right staff in place to perform those functions is absolutely critical.

At FORTRUST, we believe that our staff is a key component of our operational excellence.

FORTRUST Onsite Security Guard

A Focus on Hiring Veterans

FORTRUST has found one of the most effective ways to mitigate against human error and reduce the risk of downtime is to hire veterans. Their skills, training, education, experience, qualifications and disciplined mindset have proven a perfect fit. Veterans exhibit attention to detail, process discipline, and a procedural-based structure – the precise skillset necessary to succeed in the data center industry.

More than 40 percent of our staff have military experience, and we have made hiring veterans part of our company’s strategic plan. Former military members looking for veteran jobs are a good fit in a data center because they have the skill sets, technical training, and disciplined approach that fits well into the data center environment.


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Why FORTRUST Hires Veterans

Why FORTRUST Hires Veterans

A large portion of FORTRUST's staff are veterans. Why? We hire veterans because they have the technical skills and operational mindset needed to mitigate risk within the data center.

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