Efficient and Innovative Cooling Methods

While many data centers use water as a primary method for cooling, this can waste water and create inefficiencies.

Instead, FORTRUST employs a bi-directional, dual supply and return, closed loop propylene glycol chilled water system to cool our data center.

This system is supplied by multiple 440-ton York air-cooled chillers and pumps in an N+1 configuration, providing chilled water to the Computer Room Air Handling Units (CAHUs) in the raised floor areas as well as the data modules.

FORTRUST’s staff continually monitors the cooling system to ensure it aligns with the temperature and humidity guidelines from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Our innovative cooling ensures the ideal environment for your high density computing equipment.

FORTRUST Closed Loop Cooling


While some air moisture is beneficial to help mitigate static electricity, too much moisture can result in damaging condensation. FORTRUST’s CAHUs regulate the humidity of the data center, enabling our facility operators to control the facility’s atmospheric conditions. With our CAHUs in place, we can alter the humidity levels and ensure that they remain balanced at an ideal level.

Our closed-loop chilled water system minimizes our reliance on Denver's water supply. The water bill for our 300,000 square foot facility is less than $150 per month.


“FORTRUST is the only data center in Denver built to handle power-dense offerings like Ajubeo’s enterprise-class cloud infrastructure.”


FORTRUST Chilled Water

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