Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers

Cloud and Managed Services Neutral

At FORTRUST, we’ve always focused on what we do best – colocation services. Our job is to help make your business a success. We do that by providing the most reliable colocation services and one of the best uptime records in the industry.

We don’t compete in managed services with our customers. We are cloud and managed service provider neutral.

Why Compete Against The House?

At FORTRUST, we don’t compete with our
customers. We enable them to succeed.

Managed Services Marketplace


FORTRUST also supports our customers by providing a Managed Services Marketplace to assist our customers who need managed service offerings.

FORTRUST’s Managed Services Marketplace is an open market for customers to choose managed service providers. This network of FORTRUST customers helps you find the IT services you need and lets others know about the managed services you offer.

Find Customers
Do you offer managed services? When you become a customer of FORTRUST, you can be listed in the Managed Services Marketplace and share your business solutions with our customers.

Find Managed Service Providers
Do you need IT services? Our Managed Services Marketplace provides a list of customers offering services from migration or management of your environment to cloud providers or e-management services.

FORTRUST Managed Services Partners

Managed Services Marketplace Providers


“Our decision to expand with FORTRUST was clear because it’s well known that they are the leading data center in the Rocky Mountain region.”

— Brandon Hieb, Managing Partner, Bit Refinery