Cloud Partners

Cloud Partners

Best Colocation Choice for Cloud Providers

FORTRUST is the perfect partner for cloud providers. In fact, many of the world’s top cloud providers entrust their mission-critical infrastructure to our data center.

“Where other data centers might look like competitors, FORTRUST is a true partner.”

-- Luke Norris, CEO and Founder, Faction

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Why Do So Many Cloud Providers Choose FORTRUST?

At FORTRUST, we focus on what we do best – colocation services. We don’t compete with cloud providers.

Our uptime record is among the best in the industry. FORTRUST has delivered continuous critical systems uptime to its Denver data center customers since opening its doors in 2001. We don’t go down, so you won’t either.

FORTRUST gives you access to leading hyperscale cloud platforms via secure, high performance connections. This allows you to build networks among countless service providers and multiple clouds.

Placing your hybrid cloud within a high-performance colocation facility like FORTRUST alleviates concerns about latency issues and cost from an infrastructure and connectivity perspective.

At FORTRUST, you can build a platform that combines your colocated equipment and cloud services for a solid hybrid strategy.


“For us, the data center is the most critical part of our infrastructure. It’s the foundation. FORTRUST has helped us grow our business by supporting us as a company.”

— Tom Whitcomb, Co-Founder, Ajubeo


FORTRUST Ajubeo Case Study

Ajubeo High-Performance Cloud Services at Home with FORTRUST

Enabling maximum operational and financial efficiency while promoting energy efficient data center deployment, FORTRUST is a crucial contributor to Ajubeo’s success as they plan to expand their customer base in both Denver and New York Metro areas and beyond.

Customer Testimonial Faction


Luke Norris, Founder and CEO of Faction, shares why they choose FORTRUST's data center for colocation services.

Blog Ajubeo Video

FORTRUST Customer Testimonial - Ajubeo

Thomas Whitcomb, Co-Founder of Ajubeo, shares why they choose FORTRUST's Denver data center for colocation services.