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FORTRUST data center location map

FORTRUST Denver Data Center Tier III Design CertificationBased in Denver, Colorado, our data center headquarters is the most reliable and secure data center in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We have an advanced infrastructure with extensive risk mitigation features throughout the data center that have contributed to more than 12 years of continuous critical systems uptime for our customers. Our colocation services offer agile and sustainable solutions for your business that can be delivered on-demand and standardized across states if necessary.

We have strategically partnered with IO to provide multiple locations in the United States to expand our geographic footprint to include Phoenix, Arizona and Edison, New Jersey.  FORTRUST, along with IO, is the only data center services provider in the United States with three Tier III Design Certified data centers in all of these locations.





M&O Stamp of ApprovalAt FORTRUST the concepts of reliability and high availability services delivery are facilitated through an operational mindset in which attention to detail, process discipline and procedural compliance emanate from every aspect of FORTRUST’s approach to operations and service delivery.  FORTRUST Denver is the only data center services provider in Colorado to be awarded an M&O Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute.  The M&O Stamp of Approval provides third-party assurance that the site management satisfies industry-recognized criteria for 24 x 7 uptime.

Many FORTRUST operators are ex-military and proudly serve our customers with the same passion and precision it took to serve our country.  Be a hero in your business and let FORTRUST secure your business and IT assets with the highest reliability possible.

FORTRUST’s continued promise to provide unparalleled customer service around the clock is second to none in the industry.  We are not your landlord, we are your partner in helping your business succeed.  We back our promise to you and your uptime with industry-leading colocation service level agreements and proven 100% customer satisfaction. FORTRUST has yet to experience a customer facing power outage, providing continuous critical systems UPTIME for 12 years and counting. The service delivery model below illustrates how FORTRUST has achieved this record.

FORTRUST’s High-Availability Service Delivery Model

High-Availability Service Delivery Model


In 2000, FORTRUST conducted an extensive site selection process with the goal of designing and constructing the best colocation facility in the nation.  We succeeded.   The site was purchased, and major construction and renovation commenced shortly after. FORTRUST’s structural, architectural and modular attributes were carefully considered in construction, and we designed our Colorado data center and colocation facility to ensure full risk mitigation and the elimination of potential disaster.

We have complete control over every aspect of our business, the benefits of which we pass along to you as your trusted partner.  We own the FORTRUST facility structure and property, and are able to control every aspect of design, construction, operations, services delivery, life cycle and maintenance, leaving you confident that your critical IT assets are safely managed forever.


FORTRUST enables and assists with compliance requirements your business may face, including PCI, SOX, HIPPA and SOC.

SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2

Based on our demonstrated processes, procedures and control objectives, FORTRUST is a SSAE 16 Service Organization Control (“SOC”) 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 reporting colocation facility.

Click on the SOC symbol below for more information about the different types of AICPA SOC reports. These reports can be made available to current customers depending on their specific requirements.


SOC 3 Report

Additionally, FORTRUST proudly displays the SOC 3 SysTrust for Service Organizations Seal below. Click on the Seal to review FORTRUST’s SOC 3 report.

soc 3 logo

BBB Accredited Business

The Better Business Bureau has recognized FORTRUST’s excellence in providing business value to our customers.  We have held an A+ rating for 10 years and counting.  Click the link below to view the accreditation.

BBB Logo

PCI DSS Compliance

FORTRUST can also help your business meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.  PCI DSS is the worldwide information security standard set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to help control and minimize points of risk to fraud or compromise of sensitive information. FORTRUST can provide customers with an Attestation of Compliance for our physical security (PCI DSS section 9) and information security policies (PCI DSS section 12). This report was conducted by a qualified independent firm.





Green Data Center

With over 5 percent of the WORLD’s power consumption utilized by data centers alone, FORTRUST is very mindful of our impact on the environment.  We are constantly devising ways through which we can increase efficiencies through business operations and design.  Our recent deployment of the BASELAYER Anywhere Data Modules is an example of just that.  Our deployment of this innovative technology has drastically decreased our data center PUE [PUE is Power Usage Effectiveness and is defined as the ratio between the total amount of power used by the data center to the amount of power that is delivered to equipment].  The BASELAYER Anywhere Data Modules have an individual module PUE of less than 1.2 and are available in all three of our locations.

FORTRUST also has an internal sustainability team that is constantly working to make improvements within the data center and community in order to pass along the benefits to our customers.  We employ a closed loop chilled water system to reduce water usage and  recycle all customer materials that are delivered on-site to further reduce our carbon  footprint.


FORTRUST has been in the industry for a long time. With our proven track record of success in risk mitigation and reliability, let our expertise guide you in your data center site selection. We understand that selecting a data center is a critical choice that can drastically impact your business.  There are criteria that we have recognized as important over the years, some of which you may have never even considered.  We have compiled our knowledge and findings into a white paper for you to download below.

Having trouble choosing a data center? Read our Evaluating Data Center High-Availability Service Delivery White Paper.

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FORTRUST Denver, Colorado

FORTRUST Phoenix, Arizona “Powered by IO” Partner location

FORTRUST Edison, New Jersey “Powered by IO” Partner location