Data Center Critical Systems Uptime

Critical Systems Uptime

FORTRUST has delivered continuous critical systems uptime to its data center customers since opening for business in 2001

This unprecedented data center uptime benchmark can be attributed to FORTRUST’s people, processes, operations, maintenance, life cycle, and risk mitigation strategies. Our uptime record is a direct reflection of the discipline and satisfaction our team takes in serving our customers. For more information about how FORTRUST achieved this data center uptime record please download our free eBook A Data Center Operations Guide For Maximum Reliability.

If you would like to see firsthand what makes FORTRUST one of the most reliable data centers in the country, schedule a data center tour today.

FORTRUST Batteries
Employees Working on a Substation
MEP Chilled Water

“I am an IT guy and have seen a lot of data centers around town this is the best! I have hosted here for a long time with 0 downtime! They have first class power and backup power! Love love love this place.”

– Tad Amore