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FORTRUST’s Data Center 2.0 deployment is the epitome of simplicity AND sophistication.

We provide industry leading technology via BASELAYER Anywhere Data Modules with our FUTURE-PROOFSM colocation services across the country. Our data center solutions are designed to protect your data from any future scenario that may make your IT equipment vulnerable for any reason. We have taken extensive risk mitigation measures and employ the highest level of security possible to ensure that your business assets are protected now and into the future.   Our advanced infrastructure and standardized modular approach takes the complexity out of protecting your IT environment so you can focus on what matters to you – your business. FORTRUST FUTURE-PROOF DATA CENTERSSM  colocation technology will ensure your data remains secure and protected from now into the future.

Watch FORTRUST’s Sr. Vice President & General Manager Rob McClary give a keynote presentation at the 2013 Uptime Institute Symposium about the paradigm shift from Data Center 1.0 to Data Center 2.0 and the advantages of adopting modular technology.

BASELAYER Anywhere Data Modules:


FORTRUST data center modulesBASELAYER Anywhere Data Modules are Tier III Design Certified per the Uptime Institute.  This standardized technology allows for just-in-time delivery of predictable power and cooling capacity deployment across all IT environments.  Backed by FORTRUST’s advanced infrastructure, BASELAYER Anywhere will ensure your data and applications never see any downtime.






FORTRUST data center space

BASELAYER Anywhere is delivered on-demand and allows you continuous visibility into your IT environment through the closely integrated IO.OS®.  Your own private Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM ) system specific to your module allows nimble access to your data when you need it.  The sophistication of this operating system yields simplified controls of your data in real-time and with the ease that frees up your time for other critical business needs.





FORTRUST NOCBASELAYER Anywhere employs compartmentalized architecture to ensure both physical and logical access control to your critical IT assets. The IT and Support infrastructures are separated by a steel frame and hardened shell, while access controls can be specified by you, providing multiple layers of protection at your discretion.






FORTRUST Data center serversWith an individual module PUE of less than 1.2, this technology is the epitome of a “green” data center.  The BASELAYER Anywhere Data Modules have been engineered specifically for energy efficiency.  The power and cooling infrastructure is able to operate at higher efficiencies and at higher densities with this simplified approach to power and cooling management.   The BASELAYER OS enables real-time controls of your energy and cost performance at the per rack level, enabling your business to quickly identify triggers of energy consumption.  The standardized delivery offers swappable components to support extended system longevity without interruption to your critical IT environment.