Raised Floor


Customizable Colocation Solutions


FORTRUST offers a range of customizable colocation solutions for your business. From single cabinets to large private suites, we can engineer the perfect space for your IT environment.

Raised floor space is pre-installed with essential infrastructure elements, pre-tested to ensure and validate design capacities and capabilities, and can be completely customized to meet your needs.

FORTRUST provides:

  • Two or more “A” & “B” side electrical circuits to each individual cabinet or rack for dual corded equipment in a 2N configuration
  • Built-in branch circuit monitoring for every circuit
  • Plug-and-play design that allows us to grow to 30MW without impacting your critical IT environment
  • 750 or 1,000 kVA uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in an N+1 configuration
  • Generators designed to an N+1 configuration along with multiple utility feeds from diverse substations.

From single cabinets to large private suites, we can
engineer the perfect space for your IT environment.

Cabinets and Private Cages

FORTRUST offers 7-foot 42U private cabinets, adjustable for 19 and 23-inch equipment with individually set combination locks. Our private cages provide greater than 100 square feet of raised floor colocation space with a variety of configuration and security options. You can utilize a half rack, full cabinet, full cage, and/or a suite.

FORTRUST Raised Floor


Your IT equipment will be kept at the ideal temperature by one of the most efficient cooling systems in the data center industry. FORTRUST employs a closed-loop propylene glycol chilled water system supplied by multiple 440-ton York air-cooled chillers and pumps in an N+1 configuration providing chilled water to the Computer Room Air Handling Units (CAHUs) in the raised floor areas as well as the data module areas.

Originally built as a Firestone tire warehouse in 1946, FORTRUST completely renovated the existing shell and attached a three-story structure in 2001. Today, our Denver data center is the largest in the region with over 300,000 square feet of data center capacity – and offers room to grow.

Our data center is more than 3 feet above grade encased within a 14” concrete foundation wall reinforced with #5 rebar, and a thickened edge on 6” slab. The facility has multiple down conductors, structural steel/rebar/metal stud walls and has a HALO ring around the building built into the shielding design. The exterior and interior walls are two and four-hour rated firewalls throughout the facility.

As a single-story facility built on the ground floor, our data center provides a safe, secure foundation. All individual cabinets and racks within the data center are anchored to the slab through the raised floor. Grounding for the raised floor is placed and bonded every 10 feet under the raised floor.

FORTRUST’s data center configuration provides improved stability and support for heavy equipment. The floor tiles in the raised floor area of FORTRUST have a concentrated load of 1250 lbs./sq. ft., and a uniform load of 300 lbs./sq. ft.

FORTRUST is one of an elite few data centers worldwide that have been awarded the highly regarded Tier III GOLD Certification of Operational Sustainability from Uptime Institute. Our data center is purpose-built, and meant to house and support IT equipment. Its standards exceed local building codes to ensure continued operations.

FORTRUST has over 34 MVA of data center capacity with a concurrently maintainable site infrastructure throughout. We have 50,000 square feet of raised floor space and 65,000 square feet of data module space.

According to FEMA, Denver is located in one of the lowest risk regions in the United States. That means a lower risk of disasters. FORTRUST is located outside the 100 and 500-year flood plains and is 49 feet above the maximum FEMA flood elevation. Our data center has above-code rated fire walls and is located adjacent to Denver’s fire station Number 9.



What is Colocation

What Is Colocation

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How Colocation supports cost saving


While colocation services surely represent an investment on the part of enterprises, these solutions can also support an array of cost savings that extend to nearly every business department.

New Technologies Strategies Enhance Data Center Efficiency

New Technologies and Strategies to Enhance Data Center Efficiency

This white paper details the steps FORTRUST has taken as an organization to reduce our impact on the environment. Both operationally and through our design, FORTRUST has taken great strides, reducing our PUE, but also creating a culture focused on being green and efficient.