Network Access


100% Access. 100% Uptime.


FORTRUST is carrier neutral, which means you have access to any carrier in our data center. Carrier neutrality is an important factor when it comes to choosing a data center partner. Carrier neutrality means you have more flexibility, diversity and cost-efficiency when it comes to your colocation needs.

Currently, we have fiber installed for the following carriers:

  • Level(3) Communications
  • CenturyLink (formerly Qwest)
  • AT&T
  • XO Communications
  • Cogent
  • Rise Broadband
  • Verizon
  • Comcast Business
  • Zayo Group
  • MHO Networks (Wireless Point-to-Point provider)
  • Mammoth Networks

When we were looking for a new data center provider, we were looking for a true partner. FORTRUST does not compete with their customers in any way. They’re here to help grow our business. 

– David DeCamillis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Platte River Networks


If your chosen carrier isn’t on our list, you can contract with your carrier directly with no middleman interference. At FORTRUST, we want to help make your business a success. If your internet provider isn’t one we already offer, your carrier is welcome to enter our facility at your request.

FORTRUST Network Access


Managed Internet

With FORTRUST’s advanced Managed Internet Access (MIA) service, you never have to worry about downtime. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to maintain and optimize your connectivity, that there is a 100% availability SLA guarantee on our MIA service.

Using a mesh of four carriers and a robust network infrastructure combined with intelligent route optimization, our MIA delivers high-performance, highly available Internet service to connect you to business-critical applications and services hosted by multiple data centers and service providers.

The FORTRUST mesh is constructed of four 10Gbps circuits, CenturyLink, XO Communications and two from Level3 Communications (each a separate ASN as one link is via legacy TW Telecom). This provides low latency and diversified connectivity to the Internet with regional peering points to Tier I and Tier II providers.

Our multi-tier backbone architecture allows your network traffic to be flexible and scale without interruption should outages or performance lapses occur from any carrier. FORTRUST provides outbound IP traffic route optimization. This results in improved network performance and intelligent load balancing across multiple provider links.

Our MIA service can be configured as a fixed or burstable Internet service. Bursting charges are based on a per Mbps charge above the Committed Data Rate (CDR) for usage at the 95th percentile on a 30-day usage cycle. This built-in redundancy ensures that your data always has an open and available path to travel, so you never have to worry about downtime.  If there is a connection issue, traffic is re-routed to another ISP. Your business always remains connected and uninterrupted.

Cross Connects

Cross connects allow you to make direct connections between two different termination locations in our data center. You can easily configure your data center environment to match your business requirements with our ability to facilitate direct cross connects utilizing various media.

Distance limitations of circuits may determine if fiber is a mandatory transport. FORTRUST can provide TDM circuit provisioning of DS1, PRIs, DS3, OC3, etc. We also provide a 900 pair copper entrance facility for conventional telecom access i.e. POTs, ISDN, and T1s. To ensure the network design is highly available, FORTRUST will jointly review and provide recommendations for customer provided configurations.

Feel Secure

You can feel confident that the fiber entering our data center is secure. FORTRUST has two fiber entrance vaults buried and located on diverse sides of the facility. Each vault contains 24 6-inch conduits that run approximately 4 feet beneath the foundation and slab of the facility and enter a secure room. The vaults are located approximately 400 feet apart. At no point is fiber in the data center exposed to unauthorized access.

Carrier neutrality is essential when choosing the right colocation partner for your business


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