Managed Internet Access

100% ACCESS. 100% UPTIME.


FORTRUST provides Managed Internet Access (MIA) as a service, comprised of a mesh of four carriers and a robust network infrastructure combined with intelligent route optimization. The mesh is constructed of four 10Gbps circuits, CenturyLink, XO Communications and two from Level3 Communications (each a separate ASN as one link is via legacy TW Telecom); which provides low latency, diversified connectivity to the Internet with regional peering points to Tier I and Tier II providers.

We take precautionary measures to provide redundancy within our network infrastructure so you never have to worry about any downtime. From your hosted environment, fiber or copper connections (provided by FORTRUST) connect you to the FORTRUST network, via diverse paths with redundancy built into both the “A” and “B” paths from each cabinet, suite or data module.

FORTRUST’s multi-tier backbone architecture allows your network traffic to be flexible and scale without interruption should outages or performance lapses occur from any one carrier. FORTRUST provides outbound IP traffic route optimization, resulting in improved network performance and intelligent load balancing across multiple provider links.

FORTRUST’s Managed Internet Access service can be configured as a fixed or burstable Internet service. Bursting charges are based on a per Mbps charge above the Committed Data Rate (CDR) for usage at the 95th percentile on a 30-day usage cycle. Contact a FORTRUST representative for more information on how this is billed.