• "FORTRUST is the only data center in Denver built to handle power-dense offerings like Ajubeo’s enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. FORTRUST has never experienced an outage and their commitment to security is evident immediately upon entering the facility."

    Chuck PricePresident & CEO Ajubeo

Modular Data Center Technology


FORTRUST is the only hybrid data center in the Rocky Mountain region, providing both traditional raised floor and the latest data module technology. Our modular data center infrastructure supports our FUTURE-PROOFSM colocation services across the country, providing a comprehensive solution to fit all your IT needs, now and into the future. If your company needs a sustainable, secure, and simplified approach to colocation, look no further.


Data center modules are high density, reliable, rapidly scalable, and provide extensive insight into your IT environment, making your job easier. FORTRUST deploys only the highest quality data modules which are delivered quickly on-demand with a standardized build that lets you reliably predict power and cooling capacity deployment. FORTRUST’s own COLOVIEW offers nimble access to your data module environment whenever and wherever you need it. The sophistication of this system yields straightforward visibility of your colocated IT environment in real-time with the simplicity that frees up your time to focus on what matters most— your business.


Density and efficiency is what data modules were made for. Our modules, in comparison to older colocation methods increase per rack densities significantly, thereby saving the customer precious rack space. The simplified cooling infrastructure achieves hot and cold aisle containment, cooling modulation, and an optimized critical power system that operates at maximum efficiency, no matter the IT load.

COLOVIEW can provide both real-time and historic data analysis tools so customers may gain insight into their energy consumption and bandwidth utilization trends and adjust as needed. The standardization of data modules also helps to extend system longevity without interrupting the critical IT environment by supporting exchangeable components. With an individual module PUE of less than 1.2, this modular technology is the epitome of a “green” data center. Colocate greener with a data module.


Data module technology offers an extra layer of physical security. The compartmentalized, steel framed architecture of a module separates your equipment from the rest of the data center, providing independent power distribution, cooling, fire detection and suppression, and leak detection. Access controls can be customized to admit authorized personnel only. The multilayered physical security capabilities of data module technology ensures your applications and equipment are well protected.