Future-Proof℠ Data Center

The Future of Future-Proof Data Center

FORTRUST’s data center colocation solutions are designed to help our clients scale as their IT infrastructures grow with respect to high density and big data requirements. This future proofing assures our customers that their IT environments can accommodate the new IT technologies without sacrificing quality in service. Coupled with our extensive risk mitigation measures, this standardized modular approach and advanced infrastructure design ensures that all business assets and technology have the foundation to grow and expand. Our customers have the peace of mind in knowing that their data center colocation environment will not become antiquated.

Risk Mitigation

Security — we utilize multiple layers of physical security, multiple 2 factor authentication, onsite security guards, as well as additional offsite security monitoring

Geographic location —our Denver headquarters are located outside the 100 and 500 year flood plains, 49 feet above the maximum FEMA projected flood elevation, and 3 feet above grade.

Seismic Enhancement —we employ extensive seismic zone 4 enhancements throughout our chilled water system, even though we are located in one of the lowest risk areas for seismic activity.

Modular Approach

FORTRUST has made the move towards a standardized and modular approach to data center design and deployment rather than relying on the traditional raised floor environment approach. We’re able to add new capacity for our customers as we need to, which ensures that our infrastructure stays up-to-date and meets the high density and big data demands of the future.

Advanced Infrastructure Design

FORTRUST’s data modules provide a significant increase in per rack densities that can handle dynamic IT loads so you’ll end up using less rack space, and together we’ll take up a smaller environmental footprint.