Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)


FORTRUST employs one of the most extensive and comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools in the data center and colocation industry. We also offer COLOVIEW, a patent pending technology and service which gives customers 7X24 real-time monitoring and visibility into their colocation environment via smart phone or computer.

Our customers are one phone or computer login away from 24-hour real-time monitoring of their colocation environment.

COLOVIEW® – FORTRUST’s Patent Pending Technology

Through our COLOVIEW service, customers have a customized view of their IT environment including real-time visibility into:

  • Individual rack and power topology
  • Circuit type and configuration detail
  • Comprehensive power utilization data
  • Delivery aisle temperature data
  • Relative humidity data
  • Circuit capacity alarms
  • A/B redundant circuit fail-over alarms
  • Power capacity planning data
  • Trend data (real-time or historic) of your specific colocation environment
  • Local weather information


Receive constant visibility and transparency into your colocation environment.


We provide end to end monitoring of tens of thousands of data points throughout our critical systems infrastructure, including branch circuit monitoring to all customer power circuits for ultimate visibility. Our DCIM system allows us to:

  • Monitor all aspects of the critical systems infrastructure
  • Receive alerts and alarms based on customizable parameters
  • Preemptively address potential issues
  • Conduct real time data center capacity management
  • Remotely control critical systems infrastructure components and equipment
  • Capture data for trend analysis
  • Utilize predictive analytics for critical equipment as a part of our long term maintenance and lifecycle strategy

Our DCIM tool presents real-time data to accurately reflect the current electrical and mechanical critical systems usage to fully optimize the data center infrastructure and ensure the highest levels of reliability and visibility into the data center’s operating conditions and the customer’s environment.